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About Me...

I have been a professional astral counsellor for more than 8 years now after being an empath my whole life. I've helped motivate many clients around the world through my astrological perspective. I am blessed to have also helped guide many clients, family, and friends through life's ups and downs. To bring you closer to a more authentic you I have master the tools of astrology, tarot and angle oracle in order to better help you psychological development. I treat my clients with aura work and aromatherapy, only holistic and preventative medicine to assist in healing.

With the help of my YouTube channel based on astral motivation I am currently reaching over 27,000 amazing subscribers and growing. I get to share my horoscopes, lifestyle, and more. My counseling style is inspirational and empathetic with the over all mission of bringing clarity and motivation.



My counseling and motivation comes full circle with the use of aromatherapy as a way to facilitate healing in a physical, emotional, and psychological level. I promote only DoTerra therapeutic grade essential oils, which go through multiple tests for purity, internal use, and environmental sustainability. With amazing results this makes DoTerra one of the most trusted brands in the world.


WOW. Valentina is really right on. She did pick up on something that I didnt even ask. She was really fantastic with the reading. I will be back to read with her. She is a 10.
Love talking to her about my life path. She is so inspirational and knows her stuff. Gave predictions I cannot wait to see unfold.
Valentina definitely knew what she was talking about. Already, two of her predictions panned out just as she said they would.