I love to be informed about how I can have a holistic life. To taking back my power and becoming responsible for what I put in my body, my love ones and my house. Knowing that being in a community with like-minded people is the key. My mission is to reconnect with that divine part that you carry within. In my practice, essential oils are key to facilitate the transformation process. Not only will I guide you and bring awareness to your situation but give you the essential oils that you need.  Lets change mental patterns with the help of oils. I will be guiding you in the process of changing your lifestyle to one that elevates your divine being, then let's start this beautiful journey together:

Why doTERRA?

When you buy oils you get an aromatherapy appointment personalized for you completely FREE!


Simple Steps to Begin

  • Step 1: CLICK HERE
  • Step 2:  Choose the Wholesale Customer option [unless you’re wanting to do the business - then you would choose the Wellness Advocate option. Both are the same price, but if you want to do the business, I will mentor you! The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you. But if not - enter 6052085 in the box Valentina Villamizar will appear. 
  • Step 3: Complete your personal information. 
  • Step 4: Choose whichever starter kit you’re drawn to and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart.  (Here are the Canadian and US kits) NOTE: If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits - you can create your own by selecting the Enrolment Package ($35 in the US or $42 in Canada) and then adding a few items to your cart to begin with by typing them into the field that says  “Enter additional item # or product name”  This will be a more expensive route, since the enrolment kits have the oils bundled at a lower price and already include the Enrolment Package.
  • Step 5: Finish your shipment / payment. Click Process order now and continue
  • Step 6: Your first order comes with a consultation with me. Send me an email with a photo of your order to make our aromatherapy consultation FREE.

If the process to register is very complicated, send me an email and I will personally enroll you.

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