Mirage of Rejection


A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step towards the pursuit of success.  Rejection can come from many fronts of life like career and relationships, the two aspects of life that give us internal and external security. Since we no longer acknowledge the invisible thread that unites us we fall in the trap of thinking that we are separate and alone and feelings of helplessness arise.  We no longer teach our kids the universal brotherhood that Jesus and so many other wise teachers have tried to remind humanity for so many centuries.  Now the world is being run by isolated adults with no sense of belonging in the world and we treat each other like strangers or worse.  The feeling of rejection arise from this lack of togetherness. Rejection can implement more fear in our pursuit for happiness and we become static in our evolution. We feel doubt, we question our worth making us blind to our true immortal potential.  As an artist, entertainer, and entrepreneur I swim in the oceans of rejection everyday.  Becoming thick skin can also throw you of balance making you jaded and aggressive sucking all the love and fun from your dreams making you forget why you embarked the journey in the first place. Juxtapose to sensitivity and naivete you won't last a minute in the obstacle course of life.  Which brings me to the root of all, perception.  The way we perceive and how we classified whats good and bad can break the mirage of rejection. Approach others with a gentle sense of belonging together and if they reject you forgive them for they live in a world deprive of solidarity. 

Valentina IsisComment