Pyramid Heart

Meditating one hand over my heart the other open to receive what the universe may bring.  Breathing into my hand in the middle of a dark room, I clear its uncomfortable unknown presence and I sit in the seat of my soul.  "Heart I am getting to know you again, wake up."  I feel a warmth  like no other emanating from my heart.  Mystical deep gentle penetrating feeling bathes me and my heart awakens. It gives me the answer, love.  That immortal part of my self that was such an abstract subject to grasp. Where god resides, my goddess. Poring myself into love.  Seeing and feeling my light, remembering who I am.  I create life in the tear drops that run down my face at the sight of its invisible omnipresence.  What power of love that resides within the deepness of my universe. A hidden tool for self transmutation, the forgotten manual of my dream machine has been found. 

Valentina IsisComment