Habits for creating soul love

Love lives in the very fine line of the ego and soul. The soul works from within and the ego works from outside. When love is with the soul it is a blissful energy that encompasses all your being and we finds peace, we find unity.  When is with the ego it hurts immensely and feelings of possession, anger, and betrayal enter your sacred space of love.  Ego love shuts down the heart and makes it silent, a silence that breaks into the heart deeper and deeper.

When love is with the soul there is a complete feeling within, where all obstacles are erased and the possibilities of growth are endless. The celebration of us coming together for expansion.  How the resonance of another can be a catalyst to your own self development.  Juxtapose, when the ego takes over the love we feel is a deep stabbing feeling within the heart, the mind accelerates and all you can see is red.   The ego can be trigger by many factors that can come from personal insecurities or from past chapters that have not been close and are sipping into the next relationship.  The worst part about this is that it affects both of the partners equally.  The fragile nature of a relationship can be traumatize when the individuals are not responsible for the garbage that each one is bringing into the sacred sanctuary of love.  The potentiality of a new born love solidifying into a long term relationship is completely deflated by this venomous factors.

Here are some tips to keep yourself closer towards the soul love that we all are yearning from. 

1. Don't Say it Write It

Are you one of does people that can't seem to clearly express what they want? Do you want your sweet heart to open up more to you? Are you dying to say something but don't know how to bring it up? Instead of having the uncomfortable experience of bringing something up just write your significant other a letter.  A letter were you are able to fully open up and clearly state what you want.  Letters are a great way to heal broken communications.  One of the most common ways of relationship torture is the "silent treatment" and writing each other a letter can dissipate the tension between the two. It will be specially beneficial for those who have had communication problems all their life and wish to fully heal it.  Through the energy of love created by the partners this can bring healing to a spiritual wound.  Mercury retrograde on natal chart can be a significator of this and Chiron in the third house or in gemini.   

. Be Responsible of Your Individual Energies

Having a relationship is a sacred privilege that we get to experience in this physical plane.  It takes a lot of courage, wisdom, understanding and compassion to love in a sacred way.  These are human attributes that are in the verge of extinction.  We have been set up to embrace the antagonist of these innate feelings. Thus, we have forgotten how sacred love really is and how to harness its true potential for transformation and raise of vibrations. When individuals become responsible of their energies and how they are passing these energies to there most love one then we are entering a place of unconditional love.  The fragility of a relationship cannot win against aggression, violence, envy and cruelty.  It is just like a baby it needs absolute love, safety and nurturing and it has to come from both parties.  

3. See Only Love

This is a great habit to get into not only for love and relationships but for the overall individual evolution and thus the world's evolution. To be able to "look pass the seeming errors, mistakes, and misunderstandings and see only the love from within each person."  This includes yourself.  To train your self to focus upon the love that underlies every situation can liberate you and your partner.    



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