The 7 Laws of Paracelsus

1. First to improve overall health.  To accomplish this we have to breath frequently and in a rhythmic pace, filling up the lungs completely in the wide open air.  Drink one gallon of water a day, eat lots of fruits and vegetable.  Chew food thoroughly.  Prevent consumption of alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.  Showering daily is a habit that you own to your dignity. 

2. Absolutely demolish from your attitude all concepts of pessimism, grudge, hate, sadness, vengeance, poverty and boredom no matter what the cause is.  Stay away from people who are malicious, vicious,  hypocrites, gossipy, prideful, and vulgar and whose occupations and discourses are from sexual contexts. The observation of this law is of major importance: it has to do with the clean up of the spiritual context of the soul. This is the only way to change your destiny, since it depends on our actions and thoughts. 

3. Be good to others as much as possible.  Help those in need whenever you have the chance, but never be weak for others. Take care of your energies and avoid sentimentalism.

4.We have to forgive all offenses: try your hardest to think positive of your enemy. Your soul is a sacred temple that should never profaned by hate. All the great ones have always follow that distinct gentle internal voice, yet it will not be easy to hear it.  You have to prepared yourself for some time; destroyed the superimposed layers of old habits, thoughts and mistakes that weight down your spirit, who is perfect and divine, yet impotent because of the imperfections of our dream machine. 

5. One should isolate themselves daily for the minimum of a half an hour.  Sitting comfortably with close eyes of semi closed and think of nothing.  The energetically fortifies the brain and spirit and it put you in contact with positive influences. In this state of internalizing and silence often glimpses of genius ideas are experienced, capable of changing an existence. With time all problems that are present will be resolved victoriously by an internal voicethat will guide you in these instances of silence, alone with your consciousness.  This is the Deimo that Socrates speaks of.

6. You must keep absolute silence regarding your private matters as if you had made a solemn oath with yourself.  Refrain from telling others from you most intimate thoughts, what you have heard, learned, know, suspect or discoveries.  At least for a good amount of time.  It has to be like a sacred locked up garden.

7. Do not fear man.  As long as you keep a clean and strong soul everything will manifest.  You are not alone or weak and when you raise your vibration nothing can touch you.  The only real enemy you have is you.  Don't let fear and doubt rule your thoughts because it can attract bad energies and failure into your future.  

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