Chiron in Aries


Today #chiron moves into the sign of #aries Chiron has been sitting in the sign of Pisces since 2011 reconnecting us with our spiritual selves. Yoga 🧘‍♀️ and meditation became the mainstream and now we are all looking for that higher selves. After mercury going retrograde and Pluto demanding us to bring our personal power, we have discover that we have forgotten our own personal needs and assertiveness to become our higher selves. We end right where we started, at the beginning, Aries, the first, the self, the center. Chiron in Pisces has left us with immense compassion for the world and our brothers and sisters. What are you going to do with the devotion? Condense the focus back into your self, heal your self first and everything will heal. Chiron will heal identity crises, anger, unhealthy passions, assertiveness, self-sufficiency is, integrity and drive. With Chiron in Aries the wound is to your basic sense of self which may manifest in the following ways:
* Crippling self-doubt and lack of self-worth
* Feel you have no right to exist or assert yourself
* Feel that who you are is fundamentally unacceptable
* People pleaser and always put others first, or totally self-involved with your own problems
* Find it hard to stand up for yourself or ask for what you want.
* Self-sabotage, frustration and underlying rage
* Militant self-sufficiency masking fragile insecurity.