Saturn Retrograde 2018


Saturn will be going retrograde this April 17 and it will be moving backward for 5 months until September 6 giving the time to catch up and mature to beat all our obstacles.  This has been a very difficult last weeks with Mercury retrograde and showing you all your weaknesses and the bad structure you made for your grandiose plans.  It was devastating, like a dose of "the truth will send you free, but first it will piss you off." Frustrated us and with Pluto stepping in and demanding you to seek your personal power, we had a major power struggle with in ourselves and projected it onto others. It felt like we died, our dreams perished and everything was lost.  Good thing that Pluto is not only the planet of death but also of rebirth, compensating such a low blow with a light of hope.  This light of hope is Saturn retrograding.  You might be asking yourself, "Saturn the planet of karma is going to be my savior, you must be kidding right?"  Well I am not kidding!  The faster you make friends with Saturn and let his parental hand and tough love guide you the faster you will make your dreams come true.  Because Saturn is the struggle but also the reward.  Success is measure of the cumulation  of your failures, they are the two size of one coin.  So be thankful and make up with your cosmic father and let him help you.  

What is Saturn in Retrograde?

Transiting Saturn retrograde is a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear, creating resistance but I believe that it can be a super rewarding time . During the previous months since Saturn entered the retrograde zone, you will have dealt with particular issues involving your duties and responsibilities as they relate to your dependents and career. Now that its moving retrograde, it will give you the opportunity to catch up to the energies and really prepare yourself to take your responsibilities with the right attitude, courage and equanimity.  Saturn knows that whatever you been working for is so important to you that you are going to have to organize it better before you can continue.  To build a solid foundation for yourself. Saturn will test you and put obstacles to see if you are truly ready for the next level of your evolution. Enough of these plans whether in love, money or career that fall down like a  house of cards, because of lack of planning, practicality and sincere effort. 



Here are some mantras for each of the signs to embrace and handle Saturn retrograde:

Aries: I let others transform me, giving me security, thus igniting the magician in me.  To serve this world is what I came here to be. 

Taurus:  I ask for my guides of light to give me faith, I believe in me. I am grateful for this expansion. 

Geminis: My ideas are divinely inspired and I move forward with power.  To transform is the right path. Angels see a successful outcome.

Cancer:  I am receptive to love and no longer afraid to love. It is safe for me to love and be loved. 

Leo: I know forgive those who have hurt me because I forgive myself, I know the worst is behind me and approach the future with positive expectations. 

Virgo: I flow with the cycles of life and death and I have the courage to bring endings for new beginnings to come.  I now release and surrender. 

Libra: I take a deep breath and know that I am always safe in nature for this is my true home that teaches me to find my roots. 

Escorpio: I appreciate the virtue of patience that I have in me for I will not rush the process of my transformation, to bloom takes it time. 

Sagitario: I am receptive to my divine guidance by focusing on service.  Releasing insecurities I am open to abundance. 

Capricornio: I release blame, judgments and fears for I see myself for who I really am.  To honor and love myself is my duty to my future self.

Aquarius: I deserve better. I am powerful survivor.  I release suffering and pain. 

Pisces:  I have clear desires, I release any fear I have in asking for my needs.