Clio the Moon Goddess

Clio the Moon Goddess
Passive energy and enclosing darkness, births a new transformation into a deeper level.  The universal wind brings an unusual manifestation of solitude.  
I, Clio, the silver maiden have awakenth from the floating dream, and now I roam the grant etherial space in search for the perfect moment to navigate the moods of the earth.
What is this? a micro-atomical male essence comes close to my domain. Distant warmth touches my mask and calms my female restlessness.
Empowering me to become the goddess that I am, I am the moon goddess. The mother of all earthlings.  I nurture you with the love of my bosom.
My dreams are reflected and the divide order manifests. ‘Tis the sublime touch of the opposite energy.
This ether home of the universal consciousness and its dreams, has created all life in pairs creating making the pact between body and spirit.
Now I must go to sleep in peace, waining my senses a new cycle begins.  Darkness awaits for me to unite whats above and below.

Valentina IsisComment