The Lotus Will Not Exists Without The Mud

I know who I am

I am air

I am growing

I am gentle

I am duality   malicious

And yet when all you efforts to be the best to help and flourish with a base of a kind heart is perceived backwards, can anybody for once try it understand me. Why can you try to listen and understand what I say…  Take the anger and fear plugs of your ears

Why do you listen to someone else to get to know me.

 Listen to my heart talking…

  and all you have is hopelessness and am impotent air that leave you breathless.

How long will it last I just want to feel like myself again and get rid of all the acidic ness in my air, the poisons of a lover’s fears and anger.

And I know that deep inside my heart violence is never the answer I can only counteract their negative energies with my love and tenderness.

I don’t want for other peoples misunderstandings shape something in me that will lead me to unhappiness just to feed the feeling of revenge.

The biggest lesson if patience with the reality of others, my biggest weakness to wait.

And out of the v  mud come the lotus

Valentina IsisComment